Floors have a tendency to start rotting at any point of contact from moister coming from the sill plate or band bode. The rot usually begins at the sill plate contact, and then works itself into the center of the joist. P.A.H.L is one of the most experienced at replacing joist in the industry.
Installed prior to the 1990's are usually comprised of not treated lumber, thus inviting termite infestation and dry rot. Sill Plates typically are the first point of contact with moister from the foundation and are the first floor components to rot. Replacing Sill Plates is a specialty of P.A.H.L because we have developed a technique whereby we gently lift the floor structure to replace the Sill Plate.
Will incur moister from the piers supporting them. If not treated the moister coming up the blocks from the ground will rot the beams. Once the wood beams begin to rot, they must be completely removed and replaced. 
The most important method to prevent dry rot damage in a crawlspace is to reduce or eliminate excessive moister. P.A.H.L has different techniques to eliminate excessive moister.

Wood Rot is a serious problem. The wood-decay fungus irreversibly destroys the wood, so unless you take preventive action the fungus will more than triple every year.

Not enough piers under your house? Not enough beams under your house? Broken joist? Broken beams? Tired of shaking floors? Tired of doors not working properly? Feel like you're  walking  down hill? Or you're just tired of seeing cracks around your house. Well don't you worry any more. Phillips can fix that. Call us right now and set up a FREE ESTIMATE 501-551-1371
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Phillips Affordable House Leveling LLC uses the best crawl space repair system. So your home and family be better protected from high humidity, musty odors, and insect infestation; just to name a few problems in your crawl space. With Phillips Affordable House Leveling LLC your crawl space is repaired and cleaner for safer environment.

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