Foundation problems are caused by the continuously changing conditions of the soils around your home. Clay soil expands as it absorbs moister and contracts as it dries. That can cause foundation to move, settle and crack. Too much soil moister due to inadequate drainage is yet another source of foundation problem. Any or all these factors can cause doors and windows to stick and create cracks in drywall and around your home; all resulting in the potential for significant damage to your home. Give us a call right now and set up a free estimate. 501-551-1371


•Damage to the underground plumbing
•Interior and Exterior structural and cosmetic damage
•Cracks or sloping floors
•Poorly fitting molding and cabinets
•Cracks in interior walls and ceiling
•Wall separating from ceiling
•Gas and Water lines can loosen or break
•Roof leaks and Electrical dangers
•Devaluation of your house
If you see any of this signs give us a call 501-551-1371 for a free Inspection. Experience makes the difference. One call to Phillips Affordable House Leveling LLC, less hassles. 

Foundation problems:

Foundation Problems are not going to get any better or go away; in fact they'll get a lot worse. Phillips Affordable  House Leveling has been repairing foundations around Arkansas and surrounding area, with our one and only Galvanized Starter Pier for deeper, stronger, straighter and durable foundation repairs; backed by our Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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