Standing water around your home kills grass, plants, ruins landscaping, breeds mosquitos, termites and mold. In fact saturated soil can cause structural damage and instability which will diminish the equity in  your home. Phillips Affordable House Leveling drainage system is meant to remove excess water.

Standing water problems in a crawlspace and basement can have many sources, but the most common two are surface water and under ground water both issues should be addressed during the new construction of the home, but rarely are.
 Work site Preparation
Our crew begins by marking the ground for placement of the drainage system. Grass is carefully removed and saved prior to digging the trench.

Creating and Grading the trench:
The trench is dug and cleansed to accommodate the drainage system.

Basins and Gutters:
Special 12" X 12" low profile basins are installed at appropriate intervals along the system.
It is important to tie gutter downspouts (if available) into the drainage system.

The Finishing Touches:
Trenches are refilled with dirt. Dirt in the trenches is tamped down for soil compaction. Each catch basin is graded for proper water flow into the system. The area is thoroughly cleaned. 
The entire process takes only two to three days, in most cases.


Can solve these and other water problems better than anyone. Phillips Affordable House Leveling Drainage System is meant to remove and eliminate water, please let us take care of your water problem. 

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